Three, 16 x 1 hour, 2016 – Present

Most love stories begin with a first date but unlike most first dates, for these couples, it might just end with a marriage proposal. Back after a hugely successful first season, Arranged is the charming THREE show that lifts the veil on Aotearoa’s traditional cultural weddings. Meet the couples, and singles, who are putting their hearts on the line, their tradition first and their parents in charge of choosing Mr or Mrs Right. From love at first sight to tears at the altar, from awkward first meetings to written in the stars, Arranged takes you inside the diverse, extravagant and fascinating weddings and engagement ceremonies of our ethnic and religious communities.

Saying ‘I do’ has never been a bigger leap of faith than for these hopeful couples for whom love is Arranged.

 Arranged was made with funding from New Zealand On Air.

Both Worlds

Three, 58 x ½ hour, 2013 – Present

Both Worlds is the most candidly fresh, fun and compelling look at the changing face of our nation on New Zealand television.

Each episode explores a unique first, second or third generation New Zealander as they seek a way to define themselves as Kiwis. Watch as they share life-changing journeys that will see them pushed to their emotional limits. Witness the surprisingly universal struggles of young people from a wide range of cultural backgrounds, as they pave the way between their different cultural identities.

Both Worlds was made with funding from New Zealand On Air.

Currently filming the seventh series.



Three, 10 x ½ hour, 2014

The Festival goes behind the scenes of Aotearoa’s biggest and most vibrant cultural festivals to reveal the plans, people and preparation required to bring these unique events to life. Filled with big characters, colourful dances, exotic costumes, ancient traditions and fascinating food, The Festival is an exciting and informative series that celebrates the hundreds of cultures that make up New Zealand and the myriad ways we like to have fun!

The Festival was made with funding from New Zealand On Air Special Interest Fund for TV3.