Prime Television, 2016

The third in a succession of music documentaries by Notable Pictures is the roof-raising The New Sound of Country. Follow New Zealand’s preeminent country music talents Delaney Davidson, Tami Neilson, Barry Saunders and Marlon Williams as they travel the country performing in some of New Zealand’s most iconic churches. Journey around New Zealand to the tune of haunting melodies and soaring harmonies as these remarkable artists perform the cutting edge country music that is taking New Zealand by storm.

The New Sound of Country was made with funding from New Zealand On Air for Prime.

“It’s entertaining stuff, it looks pretty and the music is good. But what really made this interesting was hearing the stories of the artists as they reflect on their careers to camera.  Their individual journeys have all been intriguingly different… It’s a slice of a different world that leaves you feeling happier than when you started watching.  And there’s not enough shows you can say that about.”
– Pattie Pegler, TV Review,


Prime Television, 2015

Legendary Kiwi rockers Dragon have produced some of New Zealand’s most iconic pop songs – April Sun in Cuba, Are You Old Enough and Rain – but the group’s 40-year history is a tumultuous and heartbreaking story of excess. This is the story of a New Zealand band that took on the world; it’s a story of rock’n’roll excess; a story of an exceptional bond between brothers stretched almost to breaking point; and it’s a celebration of a catalogue of songs that have become Australasian anthems.

Prime Rocks: Dragon was made with funding from New Zealand On Air for Prime.

“Beautifully made film, not just for music fans”
– Paul Casserly, Radio New Zealand

“Made with care and quite a lot of love”
– Greg Dixon, NZ Herald


Prime Television, 2013

The tale of pop-rock genius, Jordan Luck, and the band whose sound defined what it meant to be a Kiwi. As unique and entertaining characters, each member of the group takes us on a fascinating journey through the history of the band. The Exponents is New Zealand’s definitive rock ‘n’ roll film.

Prime Rocks: The Exponents was made with funding from New Zealand On Air for Prime.

“The interview sections are concise and revealing and great stories are told with a nod, a wink , and supported with photographic evidence”
– Grant Smithies, Sunday Star Times

“It’s a good story. About a very good band. Its essential viewing… You’ll love it. It’s as good as a one-hour TV documentary about The Exponents could be. And then its’s a little bit better, even, than I was expecting. Set your recorder up; it’s a keeper”
– Simon Sweetman, Off The Tracks

“It’s a lot to cover in 48 minutes or so and I went, ‘Oh wow’. I was very impressed by it”
– Jordan Luck