NZFC, 2014
Writer/Director: Matthew J Saville

Critically acclaimed Dive has been an international success. Premiering all around the globe, Dive is a dark surrealist comedy that tells the story of George.

George has hit rock bottom. He’s fallen so low that even his reflection has turned its back on him. When it disappears altogether, George sets off on a quest through the looking glass to haul himself back from the abyss and face his grief.

Dive won Best Film and Best Screenplay in the 2014 Show Me Shorts Film Festival and the First Place Vortex Sci-Fi & Fantasy Award at the Flicker: Rhode Island Film Festival.

Dive was proudly funded by the New Zealand Film Commission


NZFC, 2014
Writer/Director: Jack Woon

RISING DUST is a hip-hop dance drama taken out of the city streets and into the historical land of rural Hokianga. With the help of his ancestors, a teenager on the cusp of adulthood stands up to his father and defends his place in his home.

Rising Dust has been featured in The Aotearoa New Zealand Film Festival, Ngā Aho Whakaari – Waka Kiriata, the New Zealand International Film Festival, the 18th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (PIFAN), the 2014 Wirao Māori Film Festival, Air New Zealand inflight entertainment, and on the Rialto Channel.

Rising dust was proudly funded by the New Zealand Film Commission.


NZFC, 2013
Writer/Director: Aidee Walker

Friday Tigers is a sweet yet complicated story of a young mother, Ana, struggling to keep it together while balancing med-school, raising her three-year-old daughter, Nellie, and dealing with a drug-addicted not quite ex-partner. In order to shelter Nellie from her parents’ problems, Ana creates a fantasy world by taking her to school each day in a different costume of Nellie’s choosing. When an unexpected friendship develops with a fellow medical student, Adam, Ana learns that she can merge her not-so-perfect reality with the fantastical world she has created for her child.

Friday Tigers won Best New Zealand Short Film and the Audience Award at New Zealand International Film Festival 2013. It was also featured in the Melbourne International Film Festival.

Friday Tigers was proudly funded by the New Zealand Film Commission.


NZFC, 2012
Writer/Director: Matthew J Saville

On a trip to find his birth mother, 18-year-old Aaron is forced to hitch a ride with a rough-looking Māori bushman, Maka. Out of fear, Aaron rejects Maka, but when the reunion with his mother doesn’t go quite as planned, he discovers that the bushman may be just the man to help him after all.

Hitch Hike premiered at the Tampere International Film Festival 2012 followed by official selections at the Melbourne International Film Festival, New Zealand International Film Festival, Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival in Bristol, UK and Show Me Shorts NZ.

Hitch Hike was proudly funded by the New Zealand Film Commission.