Martin Phillipps and The Chills

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“Most of The Chills music was written when I was a
young man, I want to see how I can bring the story
up to date with the music, leave an honest picture of
who I am, pick things up and prove something.”
– Martin Phillipps

At the height of their fame The Chills shared a stage with Bjork, competed for the spotlight with R.E.M. and performed at festivals for over 60,000 screaming fans. Lead singer Martin Phillipps has been called a lyrical genius and inspired local legend Neil Finn to ‘sing like a New Zealander’. Even with these accolades the average Kiwi can barely recall The Chills or their anthemic indie pop hits.

A raft of bad luck and consistent line-up changes plagued the band culminating in Martin collapsing into depression and heroin addiction. Now 25 years after their last record, Martin Phillipps has reinvigorated the music and released a new album said to be the band’s best.

Listen to the songs that personify 1980s New Zealand, when people loved their leather jackets, and lived through the doldrums. Learn about a man who came so close to conquering the independent music world that those who did, all know his name. Join the wave of supporters who recognise the genius of creative integrity.

This is the story of Martin Phillipps and his band The Chills.

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