Currently in Production

From a Dunedin student flat to Western Springs Stadium, the SIX60 documentary explores the story of how a group of rugby-playing students went from performing covers at Otago University parties to creating a slew of unstoppable chart hits and building the most colossal fan base of any contemporary New Zealand band.

Often ignored by the critics, SIX60 can sell out the biggest venue in New Zealand but, ironically, remain an enigma in their own land. A contemporary narrative structure will seamlessly weave the band’s origin story with their current-day ambitions. As SIX60 prepare to headline a sold-out Western Springs, achieve a connection with 50,000 fans and endeavour to create a new album with worldwide impact, the film will also introduce the five enigmatic men behind the music.

At the heart of this documentary is the story of who we are as New Zealanders today. This is evident in the band’s music but also intrinsically linked to who each band member is. The fascinating, complicated upbringings of each band member, how the band came together and how they are working together on a common goal. The uncertainty of the future; new feelings, new experiences – as frightening as they might make us feel – also connect us to each other.

SIX60 is a story about passion and human connection through music. A dive into the depths of songwriting and the rawness of sharing yourself within the art. An exploration of modern masculinity, drinking culture and New Zealand bicultural identity.  A clash between naked ambition and Kiwi self-deprecation as told by the country’s most popular band right now.